Supersonic Rescue Intervention

Many eons ago, in an age long forgotten, the Lord of Compassion took birth as an effulgent blue baby boy named Sri Ramachandra, in order to intervene in the affairs of men and Gods, and to rescue all the universes from the forces of evil. How could he who is beyond birth and death be born? And did this happen in ancient days or on THIS very day, in the palace of our hearts? Well, those questions are for the saints and sages, but for me it’s just time to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAMA!!!! Please intervene today and rescue my soul with your glorious name: RAMRAMRAMRAMRAMRAMA…..

And as my birthday gift to all my friends, here’s a link to a song from my new album, Roots Rock Rama!: “Supersonic Rescue Intervention Radiant Atomic Mantra – S.R.I. R.A.M”…

Forty-seven years ago I heard Neem Karoli Baba say that nothing is impossible when we repeat Ram’s Name. Approximately two million years ago Hanuman and an army of monkeys and bears built a bridge spanning 350 miles from the Southern tip of India to Sri Lanka simply by inscribing rocks, pebbles and boulders with Ram’s Name. In these troubled times we pray for divine intervention to save the Earth and all beings, sentient and nonsentient, from destruction.

Well, divine intervention may come in many ways. For me, one of the ways it has manifested has been through chanting the simple mantra ‘RAM’. Ever since I met Maharajji in 1971 that name has been my support, my cornerstone, my constant companion. And so I gave this recording of ‘Sri Ram Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Ram’ the acronym ‘Supersonic Rescue Intervention Radiant Atomic Mantra’, in the hope that this prayer would intervene and spread its powerful healing energy far and wide, from D.C. to Moscow to Syria, to Standing Rock, to everywhere……

I hope you enjoy and sing along.

Love and peace,

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