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and co-teachers Daniel Paul, Prajna Vieira and Nubia Teixeira.
From August 6th to 12th 2018
Non residential in Northern Califonia

Enjoy good company while dedicating hours of singing kirtan and learning the skills to share this ancient practice with others.
This training is for those who aspire to lead Kirtan; those who wish to enhance their Yoga teaching with chanting; and those who simply wish to immerse themselves in the vast ocean of Bhakti.

In this workshop we will share some of the many tools that we use in our Bhakti practices. Our hope is that everyone will leave this retreat with the inner experience and knowledge that we are all able to dive into this world of devotion and sing and share our hearts with others.

Subjects to be covered:

Kirtan – As the essential practice of Bhakti, Kirtan will be the main focus of this training.
Bhakti Yoga – Understanding the path of Bhakti as a journey of surrender and offering of one’s entire being to the the Divine will.
Mantras – Experiencing the invocational power of the ancient Sanskrit syllables and names in ecstatic song and silent contemplation.
Gods and Goddesses – An exploration of the energies embodied by the different deities of Hinduism.
Ramayana – Studying and reciting the multi-leveled epic adventures of Ram, Sita and Hanuman; and how this story relates to our daily lives.
Saints – Reflecting upon the lives of some of the saints of modern India, particularly Neem Karoli Baba.
Vocal Training – Opening the voice and learning to love the sound that comes from our bodies.
Rhythm – Beginning to understand the rhythms associated with Kirtan.
Learning Harmonium – Gaining a beginning understanding of the rudiments of harmonium for accompanying Kirtans.

~~~~~~~~~~ Hari Om ~~~~~~~~~~

Location of the training:
Roco Fairfax Studio
56 Bolinas Road
Fairfax, CA 94930

Investment for the training:
Non refundable deposit of: $800.00
Christmas Early Bird Price: $1,008.00 if paid in full by December 25th 2017.
Early Bird Price: $1,250.00 if paid in full by March 20th 2018
Regular Price: $1,400.00 after March 20th 2018 ($800 deposit + remainder due by July 1st).

Cancellation Policy:
Deposit of $800 is non-refundable.
50% of remainder refundable if cancellation is done by June 20th.
Fee is non-refundable after June 20th.

More info: nubia@bhaktinova.com